Rethink, reimagine and rewrite the rules of business

Our progressive approach to education and research seeks to develop future leaders who are passionate, ethical, creative and resilient.

Macquarie Business School is the focal point for all business, management, economics research and education at Macquarie University.

It represents over 50 years of history producing some of the business world's finest graduates, through what was once called the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) and Macquarie Applied Finance Centre (MAFC). What remains distinctive about a Macquarie education is that it is real-world, practical, and focused on building character and content alike.

Our mission

To provide inspiring and engaging business education and research that is useful to students throughout their careers and for solving society’s biggest problems

Our values

Our core values has four facets.

  • For our students we aspire to be a place of inspiration and real-world engagement. We are here to help you find and embody your purpose, developing the skills, knowledge and judgement to sustain you throughout your career.
  • For our staff we aim to be a place that challenges and supports. Working together, we enable the delivery of innovative courses and world-class research.
  • For our partners in business, government and the broader community, we aspire to be a partner of choice. Seek us out for talented graduates, independent research, expert commentary and opportunities for development.
  • For our alumni we aspire to create an engaged and thriving alumni ecosystem. Together, we’ll generate profound value for alumni and current students.

We understand the value of:

  • caring for each other as a community, and building students’ capacity to lead ethically and advance sustainability
  • impact on business and society, meeting their needs and making a positive difference
  • connection across the globe with industry, professional bodies, other universities and governments to provide enriched learning
  • opportunities and turn our research into action
  • collaboration as a means of addressing complex, large-scale challenges with interdisciplinary insights
    inclusivity, fostering strength and resilience as we pool our diverse perspectives and complementary capabilities
  • global citizenship endowing students with a sophisticated view of the broad and exciting global ecosystem we participate in.