Making a difference through research

Read about some of the ground-breaking research projects our faculty members are leading.

GenImpact success for mitochondrial disease

The Department of Health and Aged Care’s Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) recently endorsed an application for the approval of whole genome sequencing for use in diagnosing primary mitochondrial disease. The recommendation is now with the ...

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Working toward a truly guilt-free treat

Chocolate’s feel-good factor is a big part of the joy if its consumption. But exploitation of cocoa producers, including women and children in West Africa, can result in entrapment in poverty, a factor not usually taken into account when choosing th...

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How to decarbonise the transport sector

A tool that is sufficiently refined to identify whether a heavy-footed driver would be better suited to a different vehicle to reduce carbon emissions within a business’s fleet vehicles is just one outcome of a project to give workable options to in...

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Preparing for retirement and ageing

A move into aged care involves sudden decisions with serious financial implications for whole families, such as whether to sell the family home to fund the move. Navigating the world of accommodation deposits, daily fees, a mix of the two, what to do with...

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Fairer and more efficient markets

Research work of the most intricate and demanding nature is needed to truly understand financial markets, their flaws, and improving regulation. These ideas are at the core of the Fairer More Efficient Markets project. For Professor Aitken, it has also le...

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