Workplace development and training opportunities

We offer a range of professional development programs and short courses to enhance workplace skills and knowledge.


Adapting to the ever-evolving professional world requires creative thinking and new skills training.

我们的 非奖励学习选项 can help you meet the dynamic requirements of your role or enrich your self-interest development without requiring you to enrol in a degree.

麦考瑞商学院 offers a range of 互动短期课程 适用于:

  • 领导
  • 创新
  • 策略
  • 金融
  • 人际关系技巧.

Custom and tailored courses

We can also develop custom and tailored courses for businesses and organisations to meet your team's unique requirements and needs.

欲了解更多,请访问我们的 custom and tailored business short courses page.

Conveyancing law and practice

研究ing 麦考瑞法学院’s Conveyancing Law and Practice course can help you build your law knowledge or embark on a career change.