Choice and flexibility without compromising on quality

Our multimode approach is all about the learning journey that will suit your needs.

Find the best mode of delivery for you – whether that’s campus-based, online, or a combination of both.

Time commitment

Each course unit equates to 12–20 hours of study each week, including attending or watching lectures, tutorials, and completing readings and assignments.

  • As a full-time student you must enrol in at least three units per session.
  • As a part time student you can take one or two units per session to balance work, study and other commitments. For term-based Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Applied Finance Centre courses, part-time students can take one unit per term.

Focus on your interests

To allow you to customise your learning to your career requirements, our postgraduate degrees comprise up to three zones:

  • Foundation zones provide the knowledge needed if you’re coming from a different disciplinary background.
  • Core zones consist of compulsory units.
  • Flexible zones allow you to choose from a range of electives.

Personalised degree

Combined degree options let you tailor your study to help make you an unbeatable job candidate in the field of your choice. Combining two fields into one stream of study can also shorten your total study period by as much as one or two years compared to completing them individually.

Virtual, on-campus and combined learning

Macquarie has a proud history of offering high-quality learning and teaching in a variety of learning environments – from campus-based to fully online.

Note that visa requirements may influence the learning modes available to international students.

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Last updated: 19 Oct 2022